Bringing project designs to life using advanced technologies


Taking the guesswork out of construction and project management.

The construction phase of the project delivery process is when designs truly come to life. It is also a challenging stage that, without accurate documentation and strong project coordination processes in place, can be complicated by costly conflicts, errors and omissions.

Microdesk’s consulting team, comprised of Virtual Design and Construction (VD&C) experts, helps clients successfully integrate advanced technologies such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) into the construction process. We provide the technology integration and support to help our clients leverage all dimensions of BIM, from 3D model coordination and 4D project scheduling, to 5D cost analysis and fully coordinated 6D models for facilities management. The result is seamless project execution.

By taking the guesswork out of construction and project management, firms can build with complete confidence, delivering added value beyond the construction stage into operations and maintenance.

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Customer Story

Delivering 6D BIM for the future of facilities management.

The University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester, MA is leading the way in leveraging Building Information Modeling (BIM) for facilities management. When undertaking the development of a new biomedical facility, the Albert Sherman, Microdesk was enlisted to develop the fully-integrated as-built model that could later be leveraged by operations and maintenance to digitally monitor and manage building operations.

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512,000 Sq. Ft. Research Facility
32 Month Delivery Timeline
391,000 Ft. Pipe Modeled

Areas of Expertise

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

The benefits of BIM, from improved collaboration and project management to reduced project costs, are evident during the Construct phase. Our team works hand in hand with construction managers to ensure they are most effectively consuming BIM design information for more accurate constructability analysis and estimating, and ensure general contractors are leveraging BIM to build as efficiently as possible and deliver greater value during the fabrication process.
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Technology Management, Mentoring & Support

The proper technology implementation during the Construct phase is critical to ensure fast and efficient construction as well as continued management and maintenance. This process also ensures seamless integration from the broad spectrum of services providers and contractors involved in building development. From physical software installations to ongoing IT and BIM management services, project mentoring and support, our specialists can help you overcome the challenges and identify effective solutions for major construction initiatives.
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Enterprise Strategy & Workflow Assessments

During the Construct phase, an enterprise strategy and workflow facilitates a successful transition from BIM to building. A strategic plan for technology adoption ensures all processes are aligned, perform seamlessly, and support bottom line goals. .By, Our team conducts comprehensive workflow assessments to objectively evaluate workflows, budgets and resources to develop technology roadmaps designed specifically for clients’ unique objectives.
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Application Development

Construction firms often find that there is no perfect out-of-the-box solution that meets all their unique business requirements. Our application development team can create flexible, cost-effective, custom solutions that help clients strengthen project efficiencies, gain a competitive edge and enhance business results. Innovative solutions include applications for automating existing processes, connecting disparate systems to increase efficiencies, and streamlining information flows.
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