Manage BIM projects efficiently with a strategic business plan

Enterprise Strategy & Workflow Assessments

Assessing your organization’s strategy and workflow processes for successful technology integration.

A significant piece of the building process is ensuring you have the necessary internal framework to plan, execute and manage projects efficiently. A critical first step that is as essential as a business plan is laying out a strategic plan for technology adoption to ensure all processes are aligned, perform seamlessly and support bottom line goals.

Microdesk’s consulting team offers a full range of business level services to ensure you not only gain and maintain an edge in today’s competitive building environment, but are also prepared to maximize the benefits that BIM has to offer.

Find out how Microdesk can help you with Enterprise Strategy & Workflow Assessments.

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Customer Story

Deliverying electrifying results for electrical contractor with BIM.

To stay ahead of changing market requirements for electrical contractors, E.S. Boulos Company (ESB) wanted to be an early adopter of Building Information Modeling technology. Microdesk assisted ESB with identifying methodologies for how to leverage existing tools and put processes in place, and provided on–the–job training to get over 400 employees transitioned to BIM.

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400 Employees


Enterprise Strategy

Ensuring a successful BIM transition requires both an understanding of where your organization is today and a vision for where you want it to be in the future. Taking a holistic approach, Microdesk works with you to objectively assess the entire business from the top-down, and develop a strategic roadmap that clearly defines the path and resources required for you to get where you want to be.

Services include:

  • Technology Strategic Plan Development


Workflow Assessments

A strategic plan for technology adoption can only be fully realized through proper execution. Using Microdesk’s proven four-phase “ATOM Approach” (Assess, Train, Optimize and Mentor), our consulting team works with you to develop a complete, step-by-step implementation action plan designed specifically for your specific objectives, budget and resources.

Services Include:

  • Technology Assessment & Action Plan
  • BIM / CAD Standards