Ensuring the benefits of BIM run efficently and sustainably

Operate & Maintain

Leveraging BIM to build infrastructure that lasts.

The benefits of Building Information Modeling (BIM) extend far beyond the initial project delivery phases. Once construction is complete, owners must ensure assets run efficiently and sustainably, and not just for today but for its entire lifespan.

Microdesk’s consulting team assists owners by providing independent expertise to address each facet of the process. We enable owners to set the stage for efficient project delivery by helping to define best practices through contract requirements and BIM deliverable standards. By integrating leading project management and infrastructure design technologies, we help owners engage in the process of creating greener designs and executing more efficient construction. And finally, Microdesk helps owners understand how to leverage completed Building Information Models for more streamlined asset management, efficient operations and maintenance and effective data management.

This is the point when the project delivery process comes full circle for owners and operators, when strategic thinking at each stage – from planning to design to construction – ensures better end results.

Find out how Microdesk can help you OPERATE & MAINTAIN.

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Mapping a Safer Energy Future

The Microdesk application development team created a custom energy grid web mapping portal that provides integration between VELCO`s GIS data, enterprise document management and land management data to help improve workflow, information accessibility and worker safety.

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55 Substations, Switching Stations, & Terminal Facilities
13,000 Acres of Rights-Of-Way
738 Miles of Transmission Lines

Areas of Expertise

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

In the final lifecycle phase, Operate & Maintain BIM enables more effective and efficient ongoing management, safety and compliance of buildings. Whether used for the initial construction, renovation or retroactive modeling, we help facilities managers and safety personnel realize the benefits of integrating BIM and computerized maintenance and management systems (CMMS).
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Technology Management, Mentoring & Support

Proper technology implementation during the Operate & Maintain phase is critical to ensure efficient and cost-effective facilities management. From physical software installations to ongoing IT and BIM management services, project mentoring and support, our specialists can help you overcome the challenges and identify effective solutions for leveraging BIM technology to improve operations and maintenance.
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Enterprise Strategy & Workflow Assessments

During the Operate & Maintain phase, enterprise strategy and workflow assessments set the policies and procedures that ensure safe and efficient management of buildings. Our technical specialists help developers and owners identify strategies to leverage BIM in order to maximize project longevity and minimize building operations and maintenance costs.
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Application Development

Many organizations have unique technology requirements that out-of the box solutions simply cannot meet. Our application development team has helped numerous facility owners and operators create flexible, cost-effective, custom solutions that automate existing processes and connect disparate systems to increase efficiencies and streamline information flows.
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