Project Success through Data Informed Planning


Ensuring project success with data informed planning.

Before the first line is drawn and a single shovel can be put in the ground, the essential first step towards ensuring the success of a project begins with planning.

For any project, Microdesk advocates a detail-oriented and measured approach to the initial lifecycle phase. Our consulting team works with clients to integrate Geographic Information Systems and conceptual design technology into the planning process to guarantee ready access to the data necessary for sound decision-making. This information is also the foundation for creating high performing, sustainable and intelligent designs.

Microdesk’s big picture perspective on the industry and the entire project lifecycle enables us to combine technology best practices with unique processes that set the stage for client success not only in planning but through design, construction and lifecycle operations and maintenance as well.

Find out how Microdesk can help you PLAN.

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Customer Story

Increasing BIM effectiveness

A growing workload requiring the use of Building Information Modeling for analysis and submittal requirements meant the SMMA team needed an implementation and training plan in order to meet these demands and remain competitive. Microdesk assisted SMMA with the transition by providing a training program and BIM standards to help expedite onboarding of new designers.

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Areas of Expertise

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

In the Plan phase, BIM is a powerful tool for property and location analysis, schematic design, space planning and site demographics. Our team helps organizations understand and apply BIM tools to identify more sustainable design solutions and develop advanced BIM visualizations that more effectively communicate their vision and help teams to reach consensus with project stakeholders faster.
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Technology Management, Mentoring & Support

As BIM technology continues to evolve, leveraging the expertise and support of BIM technology specialists is necessary to navigate today’s complex building environment, as well as thechallenges associated with implementing and maintaining a BIM strategy. From physical software installations to ongoing IT and BIM management services, project mentoring and support, our specialists can help you overcome the complexities associated with deploying and maintaining BIM technology.
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Enterprise Strategy & Workflow Assessments

During the Plan phase, a critical first step is laying out a strategic roadmap for technology adoption to ensure all processes are aligned, perform seamlessly, and support bottom line goals. Enterprise strategy and workflow facilitates a successful transition from BIM to building. We provide technology roadmaps and workflow assessments designed specifically for your objectives, budget and resources, in order to ensure successful project delivery.
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Application Development

As firms look to strengthen project efficiencies, gain a competitive edge and enhance business results, they often find that there is no perfect out-of-the-box solution that meets all their needs. Our application development team can help you create flexible, cost-effective, custom solutions that meet your unique business requirements in the Plan phase by helping to define innovative solutions for automating existing processes and connecting disparate systems to increase efficiency and streamline information flows.
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