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Custom Education

Onsite Training

Custom onsite training offers the most convenience and flexibility in learning.

Onsite training provides students the opportunity to learn in their own familiar work environment and employers the opportunity to realize economies of scale by cutting down on expenses associated with travel and time away from the office. Employees can use their own equipment or we can provide fully-loaded mobile training labs. We can also record the class for later viewing.

All classes are delivered by certified instructors, all of whom are also registered architects, professional engineers, registered land surveyors, and certified project managers that have worked in the AECO industry. Onsite training allows students to fully leverage this expertise by incorporating shadowing sessions. This means the instructor stays at your office after the classroom session is over to answer questions as designers use the new software on billable project work. This enables students to benefit from real-world perspective of how technologies and processes can be most effectively applied to the way they really work. Plus, many of our clients see the benefits of shadowing as the best way to offset training downtime.

Complete Education Programs

Sometimes the best training solution to meet your unique needs is the one you build yourself.

Microdesk’s expert instructors work with clients to analyze their needs and modify a standard training curriculum to tailor classes to their specific goals. By digging deeper into some topics while omitting irrelevant ones, leveraging the firm’s standards and datasets, or even integrating training with an existing project, custom training ensures each session covers exactly what participants need to know, getting them up to speed quickly and efficiently.

Custom training options:

  • On-site with mobile labs
  • Visit a Microdesk Training Classroom (11 locations nationwide)
  • Live Online

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