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When a company is constantly evolving, there are internal obstacles encountered every day on the job front. One common problem is the transfer of knowledge from a seasoned employee to a new hire – and this is especially true in the consulting industry. If employees possess skill sets that allow them to be interchangeable among different projects, teams are always changing.

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The workflow and general adoption of BIM has been growing more and more each year, for all disciplines in the AECO Industry. Discover how moving to BIM can improve the management of your projects, and enable you to do more, faster and better.

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The University of Chicago’s new cutting edge facility, the William Eckhardt Research Center, a 277k square foot research lab, is an innovative building that presented unique challenges to its design and construction project team. HOK, Thronton Tomasetti and W.E. O’Neil worked together on the project and have shared their story on how they were able to solve the project’s unique challenges with innovative solutions.