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Our team of industry experts has a unique level insight into the latest technologies and trends impacting design, construction and operations and maintenance. Reference this collection of resources contributed by the team to learn more about today's top topics.

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As cities continue to look for new ways to drive sustainable growth, the concept of urban agriculture is helping cities become more resourceful and mitigating the ecological impact that they have. In cities like San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia and even New York, urban agriculture has been rapidly growing and successful in reducing the ecological footprint of those cities.

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The University of Chicago’s new cutting edge facility, the William Eckhardt Research Center, a 277k square foot research lab, is an innovative building that presented unique challenges to its design and construction project team. HOK, Thronton Tomasetti and W.E. O’Neil worked together on the project and have shared their story on how they were able to solve the project’s unique challenges with innovative solutions.

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It is forecasted that in 2021 the market for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) will reach $4.8 billion, a significant increase from $608 million in 2014. The popularity of UAVs is surging and various industries are just now beginning to understand how this technology can help them move forward. One industry that is utilizing UAVs the most is the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry. UAVs are helping make AEC projects more efficient by capturing better data and leading to more accurate designs.

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The internet of things (IoT) has become a hot topic in the tech world that is changing the way people think about how data and technology can be combined to create better built environments. This movement is has begun to evolve how technology is shaping major architecture, engineering, construction and operations (AECO) projects and becoming more integrated to the initial design of buildings.

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