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Our team of industry experts has a unique level insight into the latest technologies and trends impacting design, construction and operations and maintenance. Reference this collection of resources contributed by the team to learn more about today's top topics.

BIM tools will bring real-time simulation and experimentation to building designers, which will enable better designs, faster. Watch our webinar as we explore how Building Information Modeling will move beyond documentation, and into design creation.


Using data from multiple sources, including the McKinsey Report, this webinar shows how repurposing the tools we have and rethinking our industry’s approach can really put the AECO industry in a time machine to the future!

The new and enhanced AutoCAD 2018 makes drafting and designing a must-have application for all design, construction, and fabrication companies. Watch our webinar and learn how key enhancements can help you on your current and future projects.

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As the AECO industry continues to evolve through technology, Microdesk has remained focused on having the top talent to educate peers and clients in the most efficient direction possible. Their reputation for talent recently gained an international audience, as George Broadbent, Microdesk’s Director of Asset Management, was invited to speak at the Conecta 2017 conference in Lima, Peru.

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The workflow and general adoption of BIM has been growing more and more each year, for all disciplines in the AECO Industry. Discover how moving to BIM can improve the management of your projects, and enable you to do more, faster and better.