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As the AECO industry continues to evolve through technology, Microdesk has remained focused on having the top talent to educate peers and clients in the most efficient direction possible. Their reputation for talent recently gained an international audience, as George Broadbent, Microdesk’s Director of Asset Management, was invited to speak at the Conecta 2017 conference in Lima, Peru.

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As technology continues to evolve the way we plan, design and construct buildings, tools that enhance collaboration are becoming increasingly important to ensure all involved parties on a project are kept up-to-date. One collaboration tool that architecture, engineering, construction and owner/operators (AECO) professionals are integrating into their projects is the popular Bluebeam Revu.

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As construction cranes sprout up like weeds throughout American cities, it signals a booming construction industry that is looking to build faster, smarter, and more efficiently. It is estimated that the construction industry in 2016 will pump in $172 billion into the economy, at a growth rate of 6%. As buildings continue to rapidly rise in New York City, Chicago and San Francisco, how can construction companies better manage their projects with the use of technology?