Online Training

Online training provides the flexibility to learn from anywhere.

Effective online training sessions provide a cost effective way to learn without losing the impact of being in a classroom environment. All of our online classes are lead by a live instructor who provides a blend of core content and live demonstrations, plus plenty of opportunities for interaction throughout the training session. Students are also able to share desktop screens with the instructor to ask questions and troubleshoot features and functionality. Students receive downloaded exercises to reinforce learning throughout the training program.

Online Training Options:

  • Distance Learning PATH - Microdesk Distance Learning PATH solutions provide a cost effective way to deliver consistent training to multiple team members across any number of locations, all at the same time.


  • Access to rGuide pre-learning training resources, so when class starts we can get straight to the point
  • Six (6), 3-hour class sessions (total 18 hours) of live web-based training with a certified professional solutions specialist
  • Complete rGuide training recording for post-training reference and ongoing internal training
  • A total of 20 hours rGuide access for pre- and post-learning


  • Consistent training to multiple team members across any number of locations, at the same time
  • Live with a professional instructor with actual industry experience
  • Eliminate expenses associated with offsite training
  • Minimize workday disruptions with flexible times and shorter sessions
  • Interactive pre- and post-learning resources provide support even outside the virtual classroom
  • All at a significant cost savings over on-site training

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