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Our team of industry experts has a unique level insight into the latest technologies and trends impacting design, construction and operations and maintenance. Reference this collection of resources contributed by the team to learn more about today's top topics.

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The internet of things (IoT) has become a hot topic in the tech world that is changing the way people think about how data and technology can be combined to create better built environments. This movement is has begun to evolve how technology is shaping major architecture, engineering, construction and operations (AECO) projects and becoming more integrated to the initial design of buildings.

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Take a closer look at emerging infrastructure technologies that are revolutionizing the way we plan, construct and maintain our built environment.

Want to learn what it means to be an Architecture Solutions Specialist at Microdesk? We interviewed Architecture Solutions Specialist Angela Doyle, who has worked altogether eight years with Microdesk and shares her story and insights on the role and working for the company.

Autodesk and Microdesk team-up to give you an inside look into the newest BIM 360 tool—BIM 360 Docs. Now you can see how you can stay connected and effectively manage all 2D and 3D models!

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The topic on how to visualize building models through apps is heating up as new tools continue to come out for the AEC industry. On Mar. 3 Peter Marchese, Microdesk’s Senior Technology Evangelist, held an open forum at Microdesk’s San Francisco office to discuss five apps that help with visualization of models that are useful for various types of architecture, engineering, and construction projects.