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Our team of industry experts has a unique level insight into the latest technologies and trends impacting design, construction and operations and maintenance. Reference this collection of resources contributed by the team to learn more about today's top topics.

By establishing a collaborative approach from the outset and setting a clear vision for how 6D BIM would can be leveraged throughout the project lifecycle.  Learn how software is being used on construction sites to visually communicate and analyze project activities.

Streamline and optimize your entire transportation design process with two powerful Infrastructure Design Tools, Autodesk InfraWorks 360 and Autodesk Vehicle Tracking. Now you can make better decisions, seamlessly create proposals, and improve your project outcome with the latest Autodesk tools.

Joseph Doherty, Project Manager Software Engineer at Microdesk brings valuable insight and extensive experience to learn the best practice to help broaden your skills for solution architecture. Stay current on the latest GIS developments and what's coming down the pike from this year's ESRI DevSummit.

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As part of our Microdesk Cares initiative, Microdesk had the opportunity to volunteer with the NYC Regional FIRST Robotics Competition. Microdesk Cares is an organization of Microdesk employees dedicated to supporting charitable causes with a focus of Building a Better Future.

Autodesk's Entertainment Creation Suite is a collection of tools that pushes the boundaries to more effectively maximize your full creative potential with 3ds Max and Maya.