On-demand Webinar

Accelerate BIM 360 and ACC Projects with BIMrx Cloud Manager

Learn how BIMrx can solve the challenges of low-value tasks so that your project teams can focus on what matters most. BIMrx Core and BIMrx Cloud Manager work together with Revit and BIM 360 to make your team more efficient. With commands and features that streamline project setup, model management, and documentation, working with Revit models on BIM 360 has never been easier.

In this webinar, participants will learn how to:

  • Streamline and automate project setup
  • Save time on repetitive tasks by scheduling PDF/NWC exporting, Revit model publishing, uploading to and downloading from BIM 360
  • Accelerate BIM 360 project creation and member management

Meet the Speaker

Brendan Gregory
BIMrx Cloud Manager Product Owner

Brendan is a BIM Project Manager at Microdesk where he leads teams and processes for both short- and long-term projects. Previously, Brendan was an AECO Strategic Implementation Manager, where he led teams implementing BIM workflows and managing the construction coordination process. He provides BIM technology implementation consulting services and training for Microdesk clients.

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