Webinar On-demand!

Advanced Modeling with BIMrx Fabrication

BIMrx Fabrication, in conjunction with the included BIMrx Core, completes a purpose-built set of features to streamline project setup, modeling workflows, and documentation. From setting up views to modeling in 3D, to tagging your drawings and creating spool sets, BIMrx Fabrication is designed to work throughout your entire project lifecycle.

By the end of this webinar, participants will learn:

  • Streamline and automate project setup with the Updated BIMrx Core Sheet View Manager
  • Speed up modeling workflows in 2D and 3D with Bloom, Elbow, and Connection based Fab Routing features
  • Smoothly add, edit, and expand additional layers of detail modeling with the Updated Hanger Array suite
  • Automatically generate tagged and dimensioned spool sheets with updated options and tags
  • Leverage the updated Renumber command with new line/spline based options
  • Use tag profiles & the new Tag All to quickly & accurately annotate large areas

Meet the Speaker

Edward LaRiviere
BIMrx MEP and BIMrx Fabrication Product Owner

Edward is a Strategic Implementation Manager at Microdesk who consults and leads teams through BIM Implementation, Training, and Development services. He works with our MEP/FP clients on behalf of Owners, Engineers, and Contractors to make sure teams are leveraging the newest technologies and working as efficiently as possible. His specialties are in BIM360 & Revit Implementation, Dynamo, and Clash Coordination