2020 Predictions for the AECO Industry

by Nick DellaRosa, originally published on AECCafé.

In 2020, AEC firms will find the industry making a greater investment in developing technologies such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and data-driven modeling to harmonize the design, construction and facilities management worlds.

This approach supports the overall goal of achieving better integration between CAD/BIM, GIS and FM systems to reduce rework, increase accuracy and improve efficiency. Autodesk and ESRI’s introduction of the ArcGIS Connector was a recent step toward that collaboration. The ability to incorporate intelligent models within the larger scope of the geographic area without switching between applications streamlines the data lifecycle. As this technology continues to evolve, we will see a melding of workflows to support data integration between the various technologies and systems, particularly because workflows acceptable in one environment may need to be altered to support workflows in another.

Like other industries, AEC is witnessing an explosion of big data due to the access of cheaper and more efficient methods of capturing field data combined with the rise in information-tracking end points such as thermostats, smart HVAC systems and security infrastructures. As big data becomes more prevalent,   greater levels of information will be available for analysis within GIS and the opportunity to showcase its  value will expand.  As a result, a clear understanding of how data is organized, populated and disseminated will become even more critical.

Additionally, facility management becomes streamlined when combined with GIS, and therefore has been shown to provide a tremendous impact on its efficiency processes. By tracking the way a facility and its associated utilities fit within an urban environment, AEC firms will be able to execute more sustainable, interconnected projects.

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