Eric Rudisaile from Microdesk participated in the sixth annual AEC Tech Hackathon which was hosted by TT Core Studio, Thorton Tomasetti’s R&D Incubator. The four-day experience for professionals within the AEC industry took place in late October at the Thorton Tomasetti’s Midtown New York City office. The theme of this year’s event was Interpolations which focused on the injection of innovative processes, technologies, and workflows that are rerouting the way the industry works, designs, and thinks.

The event consisted of workshops and masterclasses, a symposium and a 26-hour hackathon. Rudisaile, a member of Microdesk’s App Dev team, joined up with a group from the architecture firm Keiran Timberlake to participate in the Hackathon. The team focused on improving the way architects can select frit patterns for their glass. Frit is ceramic patterns that are fused with glass during its production to provide interesting patterns and prevent undesirable glare while maintaining transparency.

Knowing what a frit pattern will look like in the real world can be challenging and expensive to prototype. So, the team set out to make an app to help alleviate those challenges. They created an Augmented Reality web app that can allow the user to overlay a frit pattern onto the real world simply by holding their phone up to look through at the augmented scene.

Here is a screenshot from the app the team developed showcasing the ease in which a frit can be applied.

Holy Frit was a crowd favorite and won the Best Collaboration award.

The team was made up of architects, user experience designers, software developers, and even a very accomplished high school student. The user experience designers were essential to enabling this collaboration; they helped the group stay focused on the goal while developing the minimum viable product that brought home the prize.

Eric Rudisaile has brought home a number of Hackathon wins for Microdesk – he is a two-year reigning champ for the beyondAEC Hackathon in 2017 and 2018