Deliver More Accurate Takeoffs, Faster, with Autodesk Takeoff

This is the fourth part in a series on the Autodesk Construction Cloud Unified Platform. Check out the previous installment on Autodesk Build here or view a summary of all the new products here.

Autodesk Construction Cloud is the leading platform for construction industry professionals to create, track and analyze building data throughout the project lifecycle. With products customized for collaboration, document management and onsite coordination, the Autodesk Construction Cloud offers a unified experience for internal and external stakeholders alike.

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This platform is comprised of several software suites including BIM Collaborate, Autodesk Build, Autodesk Docs, and Autodesk Takeoff.

What is Autodesk Takeoff?

Autodesk Takeoff empowers estimators to create competitive bids faster by performing more accurate 2D takeoffs and generating automatic quantities from 3D models within a single takeoff solution. By leveraging a centralized platform, estimating teams can feel confident working with the current document set to improve their takeoff process, reduce the risk of rework, and ensure project success.

Why Do I Need It?

Without a comprehensive and connected 2D and 3D takeoff solution, estimating teams often use multiple disconnected takeoff tools to account for all quantities across 2D sheets and 3D models. With information living in silos and challenges collaborating within the estimating team, this process is cumbersome, error prone, and time consuming.

By integrating Autodesk Takeoff into the construction lifecycle, users will:

  • Benefit from a single Common Data environment to ensure all stakeholders are working from the latest version.
  • Empower estimators to provide accurate and clear scopes of work so teams can improve how they schedule and secure costs.
  • Aggregate 2D and 3D quantities that can be rolled up by classification, type and material.

Image courtesy of Autodesk.

How Do I Get It?

Subscriptions for Autodesk Takeoff are now available. As an Autodesk Platinum Partner with a passion for sustainably meeting the demands of urbanization, Microdesk is committed to staying up to date on the latest features and capabilities of all Autodesk products and passing that knowledge on to you. Our team will ensure your firm has the license infrastructure, platform mentoring and technical support needed to get the most out of your investment.

From cloud collaboration to visualizing the entire project lifecycle, Microdesk can help you onboard Autodesk solutions that will transform your business.

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