A Software Checklist for Owners

A construction project is often comprised of a variety of professionals ranging from knowledgeable AEC consultants to ongoing administrative support. Everyone has their role throughout the lifecycle, including site owners. In the past owners were relatively hands-off until a new facility, expansion or update was completed. Modern technology, however, has allowed executives to be involved in the process much earlier. As such, owners need a collection of tools that will enable them to be present, active and leveraging the resources they have put into a BIM based workflow.

In prior years where CAD and 2D drawings were the only method for developing building designs, facility owners were unable to have a hand in the early phases of construction. With the proliferation of BIM technology as well as protocols that maintain and organize both building and asset data in a collaborative environment, the entire building lifecycle is now accessible by the highest levels of management regardless of technical knowledge.

In this article, readers will learn that streamlining workflows and optimizing project delivery starts with a solid foundation that offers tools and applications for each phase of the building lifecycle. This includes commissioning software for:

  • PDF Review and Markup
  • 3D Model Viewing
  • Centralizing Product Documentation and Data
  • Project Management Visualization
  • Accessing Field Logs and QA Checklists
  • Analyzing Ongoing Asset Status

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