An Integrated Workflow

BIM to Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is defined as the balance of Risk, Cost, and Performance for facility operations. This is achieved through both organizational structures as well as systems for the management of assets. Enterprise Asset Management is at its core, an information system that requires people, processes, and technology to make it into a sustainable program. At Microdesk, our approach to Enterprise Asset Management can be summed up as “Beginning with the End in Mind”. We take a holistic approach to asset management by looking at the inception of data creation and work to ensure good stewardship of that data throughout the building’s lifecycle.

George Broadbent, Director of Asset Management, comments that Building Information Modeling (BIM) is one of those technologies that can have a long-lasting positive impact on a project long after the planning, design, and construction are complete. “After all, buildings are built to last for a lot longer than they took to construct.” Currently, the AECO industry is standing at the precipice of a cultural shift that is taking place.

In Mike DeLacey’s article Sustainability: The Challenge Confronting Us” it states that the world’s population will reach 9.7 billion by 2050 which is a massive increase from 7.3 billion in 2015 and with that, there is a greater responsibility placed upon the AECO industry. The industry must work to keep up with the demands by not only adjusting the way we build but how we manage the facility throughout its lifecycle. By leveraging BIM data throughout the construction phase owners can better manage their buildings for years to come, long after the construction phase is complete. This can play an integral part in driving operational costs down and positively impacting the effects these building will have on the environment.

Jeff Chen, AECO Strategic Implementation Manager, mentioned that the proliferation of BIM through the AECO industry has revolutionized the way that asset data is captured, stored and transferred. This has triggered both academic and industry sectors to investigate a holistic solution that takes the most advantage of the data from upstream BIM models and benefits the operations. However, there is a gap between the Construction and Operations stage regarding the processing and mapping of this BIM data.  A BIM-AM Integrated Workflow is designed to bridge the gap the industry is facing. The workflow is designed to connect the information-driven power of BIM with a comprehensive asset lifecycle and maintenance management system, such as IBM Maximo®.  With the help of this workflow, facility, and operations teams can easily visualize potential problems, track equipment, identify assets, and access data that is essential to effectively managing a build-asset throughout its lifecycle.

Director of Enterprise Asset Management

George Broadbent

AECO Strategic Implementation Manager

Jeff Chen

Both George Broadbent and Jeff Chen will be presenting on this BIM-AM Integrated Workflow at George Mason University on Tuesday, November 27th during a symposium with faculty and graduate students.

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