Expand BIM 360 Administrative Control with New Features Available in BIMrx Cloud Manager 2.1

As more and more aspects of architecture, engineering and construction work are being completed in a digital setting, platforms for categorizing and collaborating vast amounts of data are becoming a necessity. From multi-faceted BIM designs to dozens of purchase orders and contracts, project management encompasses more daily tasks than ever before. Products such as Autodesk BIM 360 and BIMrx Cloud Manager have been custom-made to reduce the time spent on administrative tasks, allowing teams to focus more on project delivery.

BIMrx Cloud Manager is a native BIM 360 application that simplifies editing and publishing workflows within existing libraries. This includes hybrid browsing, bulk project creation using a Microsoft Excel-supplied template and customized folder structure uploads. Also, the bulk project and user creation tools save valuable administrative time, ensuring teams can stay on task.

New Features Available in BIMrx Cloud Manager 2.1

The latest version of BIMrx Cloud Manager adds the ability to manually upload, download and publish projects based on user requirements. Further, BIM 360 administrators can select specific folders or files to download rather than operating at the project level for greater control over libraries. Combined with the BIM 360 search and filter function, this feature significantly eases the tedium of smaller edits. Project sizes can even be calculated within the application for greater insight into the BIM 360 database. Lastly, European users can now leverage these  BIMrx Cloud Manager features and more with EU server support.

Introducing BIMrx Cloud Manager Pro

Microdesk listened to the users requests and has also launched BIMrx Cloud Manager Pro, which provides users with the ability to schedule project uploading, publishing and downloading. BIM 360 has traditionally required administrators to edit projects on an individual level, often on a weekly basis. Now, this highly-requested feature allows users with access can set downloads or uploads to begin when they wrap up for the day, returning to ready files the following morning. Current customers of BIMrx Cloud Manager can upgrade to Pro at a reduced cost.

As more functions are added to BIM 360 and other powerful Autodesk products, there is often a need to jump between applications, causing a break in productivity. With BIMrx Cloud Manager Pro, project managers can bulk download projects from a single UI as opposed to swapping between platforms.

BIMrx Cloud Manager 2.1 is the Add-On for BIM 360

In this connected age of AECO, ensuring data is filed and maintained is a priority for contractors, project managers an owners alike. The highly recommended BIM 360 is a comprehensive cloud-based collaboration platform, and it can be further optimized with the BIMrx Cloud Manager application. The pairing of these project management software streamlines daily workflows while reducing common pain points like versioning issues as well as restrictive upload, download and publishing schedules.

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