Enable BIM 360 Data and Bulk User Administration with

BIMrx Cloud Manager 2.6

BIMrx Cloud Manager is an optimal solution for elevating Autodesk BIM 360 project management. The comprehensive software was crafted to effectively create, manage and work more efficiently with multiple projects simultaneously by programming project uploads, downloads and Revit model publishing. Automate with scheduled jobs or assign users to several projects at the same time from a single UI.

The latest version of BIMrx Cloud Manager builds on previous releases with a variety of new and improved features, uniquely crafted for BIM 360 power users:

Connect Hubs and Servers via a Single Intuitive Interface

The Connect features in BIMrx Cloud Manager can be utilized when creating, updating and publishing BIM 360 projects. Two types of connections are available: Custom and Autodesk Hubs. The former is only available to those with account admin access to a BIM 360 hub. The latter can be used by project members and project administrators on multiple hubs. By leveraging your Autodesk account credentials, this feature becomes a secure method to deploy BIMrx Cloud Manager on multiple company hubs without being granted a full BIM 360 administrative role.

BIMrx Cloud Manager Pro users can also utilize the Connect module to setup server connections and send automation jobs from a personal computer to a network server. Administrators no longer have to wait for downloads or uploads to run, rather they can power down their workstation while the sync is conducted on a server.

Dynamically Create New Projects

Tasks within the Projects section of BIMrx Cloud Manager are centered around bulk creating jobs in BIM 360, using a simple yet comprehensive Excel template. When creating multiple projects on a BIM 360 hub, administrators can employ a Select All feature to easily select all projects rather than selecting one by one. The intelligent process can then identify existing projects, or projects with missing required information, and saves time by skipping them.

Simplify File Synchronization Based on Versioning

The Sync upload function transfers new files and replaces existing ones with only those that are more recently modified. This feature is mirrored in the Browse module download sync functionality and will only download files that are new or changed with a more recent modify date, ensuring the current files are not overwritten with old versions.

Efficiently Manage Hub and Project Members

The BIMrx Cloud Manager Members component expertly sets company and roles for multiple users, on multiple projects, at the same time. Icons clearly display members’ BIM 360 hub status such as inactive, pending, active, or not invited to any projects. The company and role of existing project members can also be edited for multiple BIM 360 projects at the same time. Without leaving BIMrx Cloud Manager, users can update company and role settings for existing project members by utilizing the Update Member Setting function.

There are two ways to inspect members within this area: Hub Member list and Project Member lists. Both display information about a member when hovering over the name, including their associated companies and roles, and do not show duplications. Also, administrators can filter through dozens, hundreds or even thousands of hub members based on email domain, a feature particularly useful to companies managing subcontractors throughout their BIM 360 hub.

Browse and Apply Folder Structures to New Projects

Quickly find projects, folders and documents via the Browse function in BIMrx Cloud Manager. BIM 360 administrators can effectively apply a template folder structure to multiple projects simultaneously by updating the project database and local folder repository. This is conducted by simply selecting a project template and a local repository root, copying files from the template to each repository location and/or updating the repository folders and files for each project to BIM 360. This capability expands upon BIM 360 project copying by extending functionality to folder structures after creating a new project.

When browsing through files after selecting a project, users can stop the search before it completes to quickly switch between views, projects or tasks. Once a requested folder appears in the dialog tree, administrators can interact with it without waiting for the remaining files to load.

Specify Job Download Options

BIMrx Cloud Manager users can utilize the Download Sync or Archive Snapshot options when downloading project files. BIMrx Cloud Manager Pro also allows you to create download jobs with either Archive Snapshot or download Sync options.

New Features Coming Soon!

The BIMrx team is continuously developing new features and updates to ensure users get the most out of their BIM 360 investment. The next release, currently planned for Summer of 2021, will include additional capabilities including:

  • Scheduled Download Jobs with enhanced Filtering of Projects, Folders and Files
  • Granular Folder and File Selection for Jobs Download
  • Scheduled Jobs that use Autodesk Login Connections

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