Automate Revit and BIM 360 Project Management with

BIMrx Cloud Manager 2.7

Purpose-built for BIM 360 and Autodesk Construction Cloud administrators that are managing multiple project simultaneously, BIMrx Cloud Manager and BIMrx Cloud Manager Pro accelerate bulk project setup, simplify member management and automate data management tasks. BIMrx Cloud Manager saves time while managing BIM 360 and the Autodesk Construction Cloud so you can focus on high value tasks like digital transformation and sustainability.

Intuitive BIMrx Core Integration to Automate Data & Document Management

The latest release of BIMrx Cloud Manager Pro includes intuitive integration with BIMrx Core, allowing for the automatic generation of PDF’s and NWC’s on demand or on a schedule. This command builds upon BIMrx Cloud Manager’s exceptional capability for scheduling model uploads, downloads and publishing as well as BIMrx Core’s Revision Manager streamlined creation of print sets from revised sheets. The result is a simplified document management workflow encompassing both Revit and BIM 360.

Simplify Member Management with Autodesk Hub Connections

BIMrx Cloud Manager 2.7 is an approved integration for Autodesk BIM 360. This trusted software simplifies project setup by obtaining user access directly through an Autodesk Account Login, ensuring project data is secured according to Autodesk and Microdesk standards. On a practical note, Autodesk Hub Connections allow you to log in using your Autodesk credentials and access not only your company’s Hubs but also your collaborators’ Hubs. This enables project administrators to conduct user management, while any project member can schedule uploads, downloads, publishing and exporting of PDF’s and NWC’s on any Hub and Project you have access to.

Enhanced Granular Controls for Uploads & Downloads

Automation of data management tasks is a primary focus within BIMrx Cloud Manager and the latest version streamlines these workflows even further. Filter Enhancements allow granular controls for uploads and downloads. When setting up Jobs, you can filter by projects, folders, and file types. Dynamic filters provide future-proofing – as files are added to your project, they are automatically included in preconfigured Jobs.

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