BIMrx 3.1 Adds Highly Requested Enhancements for Accelerating BIM Project Delivery

BIMrx purpose-built software adds efficiency to BIM project management, modeling, and documentation. As the needs of the AEC industry evolve, so does BIMrx. The new and improved features contained within each release provide AEC firms with more opportunities to automate and streamline workflows associated with BIM project delivery.

Version 3.1 of BIMrx for Revit includes many highly requested features and enhancements that ensure both new and current users can become more competitive as they speed through multiple stages of the BIM lifecycle.

Simplify Data and Document Management with BIMrx Core 3.1

BIMrx Core 3.1 builds upon BIMrx Core’s expansive project data and document management capabilities. As a result of the ongoing partnership between BIMrx developers and BIMrx users, two highly requested commands have been enhanced: Extract and Update. BIMrx Core now includes a preview table function and Revision Manager links to Microsoft Excel for exporting and importing data. For documentation, the BIMrx Core 3.1 Auto-Dimensioning Grids feature allows designers to add a dimension string along all grids in a view.

BIMrx MEP 3.1 Speeds Modeling Time for Engineers and Designers

Multiple new features have been added for BIMrx MEP 3.1, including expanded options and presets for modeling commands, saving users valuable modeling time in the early phases of the project lifecycle. Within BIMrx MEP, engineers can now quickly connect a branch line to a main with a rolling offset via the Roll Into Main function and select a group of elements and sum common parameters with a single click.

Similar to BIMrx Core, BIMrx MEP has enhancements based on client requests including a multi-select feature for Route To and Kick 90, and a custom rotation option for Rotate Fittings.

New Templates & Features in BIMrx Fabrication 3.1 Streamline Projects

BIMrx Fabrication 3.1 also has expanded routing setting options and presets, in parallel to those made on BIMrx MEP. New Spool Templates have been added to quickly start spooling and can carry the setting between projects, streamlining future project work. Enhancements to the primary features in BIMrx Fabrication, Hanger Arrays and Hanger Points, have added options for trapeze and rack hangers and an intelligent link to hangers, respectively.

Automate Export of DWG, NWC, and PDF Workflows with BIMrx Cloud Manager Pro 2.8

BIMrx Cloud Manager Pro 2.8 continues to add automation capabilities, including exporting 3D and 2D Views and Sheets to AutoCAD .DWG from Revit Cloud Models, on demand or on a schedule. Users have greater control over what to include in the export with the capabilities to filter to select a preset .DWG Export Setup across multiple Revit projects when exporting DWGs. Additionally, there is control over which Views and Sheets are included in all types of Export jobs by filtering Revit Print Sets. BIMrx Cloud Manager Pro 2.8 also features highly requested enhancements to Export PDF. And a Revit Print Sets filter now enables control over which Print Sets are exported across multiple models and projects at the same time.

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