BIMrx 3.2: New Features to Automate Workflow and Streamline BIM Project Delivery

BIMrx purpose-built software adds efficiency to BIM project management, modeling, and documentation. As the needs of the AEC industry evolve, so does BIMrx. The new and improved features contained within each release provide AEC firms with more opportunities to automate and streamline workflows associated with BIM project delivery.

Version 3.2 of BIMrx integrates with the Revit 2023 release and includes new features and enhancements that ensure both new and current users can become more competitive as they speed through multiple stages of the BIM lifecycle.

Streamline Data and Document Management with BIMrx Core 3.2

BIMrx Core 3.2 builds upon BIMrx Core’s expansive project data and document management capabilities. New for this release is the completely redesigned Sheet View Manager for faster and easier ways to create, manage, and duplicate views, provides added filtering capability to easily find views and sheets, and much more. Users can work more efficiently to export and import data utilizing Revit schedules and the BIMrx Renumbering features with the option to renumber by line/spline Create. And, for added efficiency, the New feature to Tag All allows you to easily select multiple views to tag, utilizing the BIMrx tag settings.

Save Modeling Time with BIMrx MEP 3.2

Data Transfer Conduits has been added to BIMrx MEP 3.2 which lets users transfer parameters across all elements in a run. Enhancements for this release include the ability to automatically transfer conduit parameters and updated modeling dialogs, saving users valuable modeling time.

Drive Efficiency with New Features in BIMrx Fabrication 3.2

BIMrx Fabrication 3.2 introduces Heal Pipe to quickly and easily convert multiple pipe segments into one. There are enhancements to current features, include new Hanger functions and an upgraded Sync Fab Parameters with Fabrication Properties Panel


Automate Autodesk Docs and Simplify Member Management with BIMrx Cloud Manager 2.9

With BIMrx Cloud Manager 2.9 it is even easier to activate and deactivate hub members in bulk and manage who has project admin status across multiple projects. Additionally, familiar icons now show the access level each role will provide. Browsing files is faster with dynamic display of BIM360® and ACC project folders so only the files and folders you need are loaded, instead of the entire project. For those looking to deploy a job when they are saving it, now this can be done in one step with the addition of the Save and Deploy button.

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