What’s Next for BIMrx?

New Features Coming in November!

The BIMrx suite of applications includes custom-tailored Revit and BIM 360 integrations that streamline the BIM project lifecycle. Whether your fabrication team needs a comprehensive database of parts or your project managers want to reduce the time they spend editing file libraries, BIMrx has the tool you need to maximize your BIM investment.

Whether you are new to BIMrx or a current subscriber, you will want to see these new and enhanced features coming out over the next few months. Our dedicated team of consultants is actively working with clients to ensure this holistic product family has the capabilities, functionality and interface you need to simplify project delivery. Check out what’s new and what’s next for each BIMrx application below.

All features included in this article are subject to development timeframe. For more information or to receive the latest BIMrx capabilities, please contact your Microdesk representative or fill out our contact form here

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