What’s Next for BIMrx?

New Features Coming This Spring!

The BIMrx product suite provides applications for Autodesk Revit and BIM 360 that automate tedious low-level tasks, allowing your team to spend less time administrating projects and more time completing high-value tasks. From the foundational BIMrx Core with Revit schedule export and import capabilities to the bulk workflow optimizing BIMrx Cloud Manager Pro, BIMrx can significantly reduce time spent on project set up, modeling and documenting on the leading BIM software platforms.

In addition to prescribing many solutions to painful time-consuming industry workflows, we work closely with our clients to evolve BIMrx based on their unique needs. Coupled with a team that has spent hundreds of hours in the field, this platform is custom-tailored to streamline the BIM project lifecycle. Check out what’s new and what’s next for each BIMrx application below.

All features included in this article are subject to development timeframe. For more information or to receive the latest BIMrx capabilities, please contact your Microdesk representative or fill out our contact form here

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