What’s Next for BIMrx?

New Features Coming This Spring!

BIMrx gets projects out the door faster with modeling, project management and documentation features for leading Autodesk software, making you more competitive globally while meeting the demands of urbanization. These purpose-built applications can help speed up data entry by using formulas and tools to update models with MEP, fabrication or project parameters from non-Revit users or sources while managing assets by merging model-based information with outside sources.

With BIMrx you can you can effectively streamline the tasks associated with BIM project setup, MEP modeling and detailing, and BIM cloud management. Find out what’s coming in the next release of BIMrx below!

New Features Coming in Version 3.2 include:

  • NEW Sheet View Manager – complete redesign to allow users to easily create views/sheets all within BIMrx, a new duplication module to easily duplicate views, added filtering capability to easily find views and sheets, and many more improvements in the brand new Sheet View Manager.
  • Create Table – place excel tables into drafting views as text and lines.
  • Tag All – new feature to Tag all Views with the configurations from the BIMrx Tag Settings.
  • Align – now includes the ability to align text notes.

Improvements to Existing Features in Version 3.2:

  • Extract and Update – preview table before import, export multi-schedules into individual files.
  • Create Table – now allows for linking of excel tables.
  • Tagging – added orientation options in tag settings and ability to multiselect linked elements for the Tag Select Linked Elements command.
  • Renumber – ability to renumber by spline and improved UI.
  • Print Set Manager – Print multiple Print Sets and direct access to Revit print settings.
  • Elevation – rotates with room orientation and now works on linked rooms.

Features Coming in Version 3.2 are:

  • Align Pipe Accessories
  • Data Transfer Conduits – transfer parameter values across all elements in a run

Improvements to Existing Features in 3.2: 

  • Data Retention Conduits – Match Properties – Include in routing commands. Settings, user selected.
  • Enhanced Modeling Dialogs to allow multiple selection of MEP Runs.
  • Bloom Settings – Specify Workset for systems/types.

Features Available in Version 3.2: 

  • Spooling – Auto Dimension 3D
  • Spooling – Parse User Created Assemblies
  • Spooling – Select Default Tag In Spool Settings
  • Spooling – Auto Define Spools – Size/Weight

Improvements to Existing Features in Version 3.2:

  • Spooling – Add Custom Spool Data
  • Spooling – Continuation Tag updates – Auto update value
  • Hangers – Mapping Settings to Services
  • Hangers – Add Trapeze for Pipe – RFA support – Multi-Tier Rack
  • Sync Fab Parameters – Add to FAB Prop Panel
  • Fab Property Add CID Type Row
  • Tag Select Spool Tag Updates – Per Fab Type – Granular Category Settings
  • Hanger Rod Extension – Point Adjustment
  • Split Schedules Based On Straight/Fitting/Joint

New Version 2.9 capabilities include: 

  • Icons show the access level each role will grant to the selected users.
  • Dynamic display of BIM360® project folders, files, and versions.
  • Bulk inactive/activate of Hub Members.
  • Bulk control over project admin status for multiple project members across multiple projects.
  • “Save and Deploy” button for added efficiency.

Improvements to Existing Features in 2.9: 

  • Support for linked model geometry and information when exporting NWC (Navisworks Catch file) from Revit cloud models.
  • Downloading large files over 2 GB.
  • Support for renamed BIM360® Project Files folder for scheduled publish, upload, and download automation jobs.
  • Faster project browsing.

All features included in this article are subject to development timeframe. For more information or to receive the latest BIMrx capabilities, please contact your Microdesk representative or fill out our contact form here

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