Building Data Workflow

How Accurate Data Upfront Ensures Long-Term Returns for Building Owners

Many of the challenges the AEC industry faces today begin with data inefficiencies. Despite the technological advancements in the industry so far, as-built BIM models tend to be incomplete. Components, assets, and equipment are too often riddled with incomplete data sets, causing lower confidence in the design and build process, as well as inefficient delivery of this information to Operations and Maintenance (O&M).

These challenges are best addressed by capturing all necessary data upfront, at the point of creation. With comprehensive data sets compiled early on, as-built Revit models are complete, and O&M processes are streamlined in the long-run, paying dividends throughout all phases of the build process.

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New technological platforms like Invicara’s BIM Assure are providing comprehensive data collection workflows, making it easier to have this completed data available early on in the process, avoiding these inefficiencies. With BIM Assure, owners have the capacity to create a master set of data at the point of creation. Organized by discipline, the data requirements are distributed to each party involved, from the contractors to mechanical and electrical engineers, each group is prompted to input required data points, which are seamlessly streamed back to create a complete facility model. These data points include validation parameters to ensure data cleanliness, which is vital to the long-term comprehensive maintenance of the structure or building.

High data quality is also ensured with automatic repository checks to guarantee that the data is complete and properly formatted. Statistics and full management reports can be easily generated to check the status of the data in relation to the final model and ensure data is compliant with all standards.

Once organized and validated, the data will ensure a data-rich as-built BIM model and can be imported quickly and accurately into IBM’s Maximo using ModelStream®, ensuring that all aspects of Asset Management/Connected Operations utilize the updated and accurate data sets. O&M procedures are streamlined and efficient, with the data easily accessible to all involved parties.

With this comprehensive data workflow, owners can be confident that data is complete at the point of creation and checked to remove inaccuracies and guarantee compliance standards are met. From design to management, workflows and procedures will be more efficient, building confidence, decreasing time spent rectifying incomplete data, and providing a significant long-term return on the management of your asset for years to come.