How Autodesk’s BIM360 Design reduces time, cost & risk across the project lifecycle.

BIM 360 Design was designed for project teams to reduce the time and cost associated with managing RFI’s and submittals, as well as being a single point of truth. BIM 360 Design lets you co-author shared Revit models, and curate, coordinate, and manage deliverables throughout the project lifecycle.

Explore below to see how Autodesk’s BIM360 Design can help solve common problems the AEC industry is faced with.

Problem: Firms that don’t have a planned design collaboration workflow are forced to share Revit models with each other on a weekly basis. This creates a number of challenges:

  • Lost time it takes to prepare models for weekly file sharing
  • Missed design changes when models cannot be shared as deadlines approach
  • Lack of communication of what has been changed within models

Solution: BIM360 Design software offers BIM managers the flexibility of choosing a collaboration workflow that meets the needs of their project team. A planned workflow can help eliminate the challenges from above and BIM managers can choose a fully controlled, highly trusted or moderately trusted workflow depending on their team’s level of expertise.

Problem: Project teams need a scalable storage option that allows for file sharing of Revit files and project documents.

Solution: BIM360 Design provides a cost-effective solution for file sharing of large Revit files and other project documents. Users can store 3D Revit models, 2D CAD sheets and more in one common project repository and with unlimited storage. Say goodbye to unexpected costs to purchase additional storage from alternatives like DropBox, Newforma, and Google Drive.

Problem: During the design phase, traditional project teams that aren’t utilizing BIM360 Design don’t have an effective way to track issues and manage quality assurance.

Solution: BIM360 Design provides permission-based group work with granular access to capabilities such as view, upload, edit and control per person. Users can create quality assurance checklists, assign to team members and track progress all within the BIM360 Design platform.

Problem: Project teams need a way to share a Revit model with parties who are not Revit-powered users. This would require those individuals to download a viewer and for the entire Revit file to be sent to them.

Solution: The BIM360 model viewer is an easy access tool that requires no installation of any kind for anyone needing to view the files.

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