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Microdesk, an Autodesk Platinum Partner and the nation’s largest AECO consulting firm have partnered with Enscape to bring a real-time rendering technology to Revit and Rhino workflows. Enscape is an easy to use real-time rendering plugin that provides architects with a quicker way to create rich real-time 3D visualization renderings. With the help of Enscape’s technology, design iterations can be done with less preparation time, allowing for instantaneous design reviews and presentations.

Along with the benefits Enscape brings to the project workflow, it’s also simple to use as it integrates seamlessly into Revit, SketchUp, and Rhino with no extra training needed. Enscape gives you the ability to quickly explore different design options and present projects to clients in real time. If a client wants to see something different within the design, Enscape will immediately show the changes you make to the project. Additionally, with just one click your walkthrough can be generated into a Virtual Reality experience that brings your architectural projects to life.

This plugin technology that Enscape offers brings so much added value to architects, designers or any user of Revit, SketchUp or Rhino. Microdesk is pleased to offer a 14-day free trial to experience all that Enscape can offer your project workflow and presentation capabilities.

Access Your 14 Day Free Trial

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