How Microdesk Wins Over Top Industry Professionals

Microdesk has been a critical part of the AECO technology evolution and a key player in building a unique work environment. Our company’s success has led to staff growth throughout our 12 offices, including four within California and an emerging presence in London, UK.

In September 2016, we relocated from our midtown Manhattan office to a larger, 10,084 sqft office space at 5 Penn Plaza. The catalyst for the move was simple – a growing team of AECO and Application Development professionals. In Chicago, the Microdesk office has doubled in size within the past two years. And as the construction boom continues throughout California, Microdesk has seen tremendous increase in working with top AEC clients from Silicon Valley to SoCal.

So how has Microdesk been able to build such a strong company culture that drives business and attracts the top talent? Here are some of the ways we have cultivated success.

Career Growth and New Experiences

As Microdesk continues to grow, so do the opportunities for our staff. Our expansion to London has given employees the ability to continue working for the company in a completely different country. And our vast national presence allows employees to relocate to a new state, or even coast. For instance, Matthew Pavlovich, Engineering Solutions Specialist, was looking for a change of pace and transferred from the New York office to San Francisco. With so many different opportunities available and the ability to work in new places with new clients, the Microdesk staff is fulfilled and challenged.

Microdesk also ensures professional growth through promotions and accommodating employees’ career interests. One of the most unique titles at the company is Peter Marchese’s, Senior Technical Evangelist. Peter’s love for all things technology, especially when it comes to the AECO industry, helped him grow into his current role as Microdesk’s unofficial technology guru. We realized long ago that the key to a company’s success lies with its employees, and striving to keep them inspired every day.

Unique Opportunities, Unique Culture

When companies provide unique opportunities and experiences, it helps attract and retain the best talent. From collaborating with Columbia University on the Manhattanville Project in NYC, to developing the revolutionary BIM to Asset Management solution, ModelStream, Microdesk staff can explore every aspect of the AECO industry.

When Kevin Phillips, Director of Consulting in Chicago, first learned about the exceptional opportunities at Microdesk, he knew applying for a position had the potential to be a career-defining move.

“Microdesk is a good choice for someone who has a passion for the AECO industry and wants to have a well-rounded career,” says Phillips. “Microdesk offers unique job opportunities, which opens the door for employees to work with different firms on a wide variety of monumental projects. In my role, I am able to work on complex problems and come up with interesting solutions. This is definitely not your typical AECO company, which makes for a great experience.”

A Culture of Rewards

Leaders are an integral part of ensuring a company’s culture stays intact, but employee contributions can make or break an organization. Finding new ways to reward staff for their hard work is a great method to build relationships and guarantee that employees know they are respected, supported, and valued. One way Microdesk establishes a rewards culture is through the Gold Circle. Microdesk’s Gold Circle is an annual trip for employees and leadership who have achieved success and gone above and beyond in their work.

“It really comes down to being noticed by that extra effort you put in, and getting nominated by your peers,” says Phillips.