The Big Ben and BIM: Insight into Microdesk’s UK Office

Lukasz Adamik; Shivani Soni; James Gibbs; Dmitry Gafiyatullin

In 2015, Microdesk expanded its exceptional AEC consulting presence internationally, opening an office in London, UK and providing services to various architecture, engineering, and construction firms across Europe.

The majority of Microdesk consultants are top Building Information Modeling (BIM) experts, and have managed high-profile government and private projects around the world. More than ever, organizations are realizing the cost and sustainability benefits of BIM. BIM has been gaining popularity in the United States since the early 2000s, and is widely used throughout China. European nations have also strictly enforced BIM use in the construction industry within the past several years.

The UK in particular is noted as an enthusiastic BIM advocate: since April 2016, as part of the Government Construction Strategy (which intends to save 20% in procurement costs), centrally-procured construction projects in the UK are required to utilize BIM Level 2. And BIM adoption rose to 54% in 2016, up from 48% in 2015. Fortunately, Microdesk’s prime location in London is another tremendous asset for the booming BIM industry in the UK.

Lukasz Adamik is the Director of Consulting Services in London. He helped cement Microdesk’s European presence by managing a quality team of solutions specialists, while James Gibbs, Account Executive, oversees the company’s Autodesk software reselling in Europe. Under the leadership of Adamik and Gibbs, the team has formed new relationships and nurtured existing ones with international and European AEC firms.

“At Microdesk, every day is an opportunity to explore new ideas, introduce an innovative way to resolve problems, and push the boundaries a step further. Ambitious approach, curiosity, and collaborative environment built steadily over the last 25 years make us a unique organization ready to challenge tomorrow’s problems,” Adamik says. “And leading a group of passionate and committed individuals who truly believe in making the construction industry a better place has been an incredible experience. It’s a pleasure to be part of it!”

London consultants observe that while BIM continues to grow in popularity, firms are still mastering how to use the appropriate software. BIM does have tremendous advantages regarding cost and efficiency, but the proper training is required in order to capitalize on them.

“Our top-tier services help companies realize the business benefits of Building Information Modelling more quickly and economically,” says Shivani Soni, BIM Solutions Specialist. “BIM not only adds value to the technology, but also changes the process of designing and building. This mindset and vision is why Microdesk’s position can help clients achieve their vision more efficiently and effectively. You are surrounded by the pioneering mindset of innovative people: this leads to exploring, and ultimately being original.”

Microdesk continues to help lead the global BIM movement, realizing incredible cost and environmental benefits even as the construction industry booms: the amount of buildings in the world is expected to double by 2050 to keep up with the urban population. But steps are being taken to build as sustainably as possible going forward, so long as Microdesk, and organizations like it, continue to implement, advise on, and utilize BIM.

“Being a part of Microdesk consultancy team means I’m always surrounded by highly experienced people, who are willing to share their knowledge, expertise, and passion about new technologies and high standards of delivering best solutions for the clients, says Dmitry Gafiyatullin, BIM Solutions Specialist, AEC. “At Microdesk every new project is challenging, interesting, and professionally rewarding. Every time I can say: today I know more than yesterday.”