The Microdesk Accelerator

Microdesk, an Autodesk Platinum Partner and the nation’s largest AECO (Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Owner/Operator) industry consulting firm is innovating the Revit automation game with the release of the “Microdesk Accelerator.” The Microdesk Accelerator is their first Revit app addition to the Autodesk Revit app store. The app, a first iteration, is designed to make your Revit workflows easier, more efficient and more effective.

“This is the first of a broad range of tools built to streamline design and data management,” says Microdesk CEO, Michael DeLacey. “We are developing these applications to address the challenges associated with globalization, urbanization and sustainability. It’s another piece of our commitment to designing and building in a more effective manner.”

The Microdesk Accelerator has two sections: drafting and parameters. Drafting is a set of tools that will empower any MEP drafter to do their drawing from a 3D view, keeping you in the know about potential coordination issues and stopping the clash before it occurs. Parameter tools help you stay in touch with your parameters, automatically summing any numeric parameter value, as well as quickly and easily adding parameters to families that appear in a schedule.

ParaPusher will assist you with scheduling objects correctly in Revit: it obtains information about changes you want to make from content you’ve already created, namely your schedules. You can go from looking at a family with missing shared parameters, to filling in information with just a few clicks ꟷ and less than a minute per family.

The Accelerator will also assist MEP drafters with transitioning from drafting in 2D to 3D. 3D drafting tools help you route pipe and ductwork while remaining in a 3D view, which keeps you in the know about potential coordination issues and stops conflicts before they occur.

“This has been a big collaboration across multiple departments at Microdesk, and it is just the beginning,” says Eric Rudisaile, the Accelerator’s lead designer. “Be on the lookout for improvement and additions to this application in the future.”

Download HERE!