Microdesk Comes Out on Top at BeyondAEC Hackathon

In mid-September, Microdesk co-sponsored the beyondAEC Hackathon event at Sasaki Associates in Boston. The event was focused entirely on the AEC industry and corresponding technologies. Eric Rudisaile, an Application Development team member and MEP Solutions Specialist, was in attendance and scored an award for Microdesk.

A hackathon is an event where programmers and tech enthusiasts convene to create a new technology or push the boundaries of existing technology, usually within a time limit of approximately 24 hours.

During this particular hackathon, Rudisaile set out to devise keyboard shortcuts in Dynamo in a similar way to Revit, automatically placing nodes with the press of a button. With the help of three Computer Science students from Northeastern University, Rudisaile created a prototype within 24 hours: working throughout 22 of them, and sleeping for two.

The judges were very impressed with their results, and the group left with the Most Practical award. The project #DynaFire, described as “hacking Dynamo to provide hot-key shortcuts for nodes,” is still in progress, but its release is anticipated later this year.

The Microdesk Application Development team, including Steve Martin, Vice President of Software Development, will also attend Autodesk Forge DevCon 2017 in Las Vegas on November 13th. The event will focus on software development technologies, applications, and tools. DevCon is a day-long segment of Autodesk University, a tremendous, five-day conference.

Microdesk staff will participate at Autodesk University 2017 as both the attendees and presenters. Peter Marchese, Senior Technical Evangelist, will present on Revit and Stingray utilization. Jessica Chambers, Senior Consultant, will speak about her experience working with United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, implementing Autodesk applications in their workflow to build communities for thousands of refugees more