Microdesk Pushes Sustainability and Plans for Urbanization with Modelstream 2.0

Based on an interview with Vice President of Asset Management George Broadbent  
Originally published in Civil + Structural Engineer.

Microdesk operates as a consulting firm for the AECO industry.  They specialize in helping firms utilize a number of key technologies that help design, construction, and operations teams manage workflows from the earliest stages of the project to the operation of the building.  These technologies include building information modeling (BIM), virtual design and construction (VD&C), and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM).  According to George Broadbent, Microdesk’s Vice President of Asset Management, the result of integrating these technologies and improving workflows is a step forward in both preparing for future urbanization and the need for sustainability.

Microdesk’s latest release is a EAM product called Modelstream 2.0. Modelstream 2.0 provides bi-directional synchronization of assets and location data between Autodesk Revit and IBM Maximo. The aim of this product is to save time and resources that would otherwise be spent manually imputing data to create an efficient building model.

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