Microdesk’s Peter Marchese to Instruct at Drexel University for PSPE

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Microdesk’s Peter Marchese, Senior Technical Evangelist, will be an instructor for the Philadelphia Chapter of the Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers at Drexel University in October, February, and April. Marchese will teach two courses, “Elevating Your Construction Coordination and Management with Cloud Technology,” and “Flying High with Unmanned Aerial Systems,” to approximately 30 engineers.
“Elevating Your Construction Coordination and Management with Cloud Technology” will be an hour-long course on how cloud-based technology allows team members to keep updated on the project status, construction managers ensure their projects progress correctly and on schedule, and safety personnel track and document both effective and ineffective practices. Topics will include: how cloud-based tools can help project parties and team members coordinate the construction process; the benefits of a centralized and easily accessible portal for all project members; and how to transfer project data from the construction site into facilities and building management services.

“Flying High with Unmanned Aerial Systems” will be an hour-long course on how UAVs and drones can enhance and benefit project workflows. Topics will include: the varying benefits of different UAVs; how to use UAVs to track changes over time in site and element conditions; how photogrammetry can assist with site volume and area calculations; and how to comply with new FAA regulations.

With Microdesk at the forefront of burgeoning AEC technology, Marchese, who is one of the company’s most seasoned AEC software experts, is the ideal candidate to present these courses. Marchese continues to assist AEC firms and professionals with software implementation and optimization through hosting educational webinars, presenting at industry conferences, and instructing classes and training sessions. He will present at Autodesk University in Las Vegas in November, on utilization of Revit and Stingray.

For more details about the course, visit the PSPE website.