Explore how Panzura Freedom NAS can help solve problems the AEC Industry is faced with

What is Network Attached Storage?

Traditionally network-attached storage (NAS) is a dedicated file storage system that enables multiple users and heterogeneous client devices to retrieve data from a centralized disk capacity. Users on a local area network (LAN) access the shared storage via a standard ethernet connection. This system used to work when an entire enterprise fit into one building. But as companies grow, it becomes harder to collaborate. Users generate duplicate files; back up and archived they create islands of storage and no way to tell which version is the latest.

Break free from legacy NAS to eliminate islands of storage by consolidating your unstructured data into the cloud. Panzura Freedom NAS locally caches files you use most and distributes file locks which simplifies storage and solves latency. Panzura makes it possible for everyone to work like they are sitting in the same office again.

IT Infrastructure Problems and Solutions

BIM, CAD and VDC Manager Problems and Solutions

Explore common problems IT Directors in the AEC industry are faced with and learn how Panzura can help simplify your IT infrastructure, save money, enable collaboration across offices and improve user productivity.

Discover the common problems BIM, CAD, and VDC Manager come across and learn how Panzura Freedom NAS can help shorten the time it takes to find, open, share and collaborate on project assets worldwide.

Problem: Legacy NAS is ideal for sharing data within a single site, but cannot effectively share across multiple offices. The result is enterprises are burdened with islands of storage at each location, increasing cost and complexity.

Solution: Freedom NAS consolidates 100% of unstructured data in the cloud to eliminate islands of storage while reducing costs by up to 70%.

Problem: Managing data grown with legacy NAS means overbuying capacity years in advance of need, or relying on on-premise storage to scale up.

Solution: Freedom NAS offers virtually unlimited scalability on-demand for pennies per GB.

Problem: Leacy NAS relies on costly replication and backup technology to protect data and keep it available.

Solution: Freedom NAS stores 100% of unstructured data in the cloud, taking advantage of cloud durability, which can exceed 13 9s.

Problem: Most enterprises have multiple locations which means users create duplicate files, backed up and archived, they create islands of storage and no way to tell which version is the latest.

Solution: By consolidating and storing unstructured data in the cloud with Freedom NAS you can replace islands of storage, eliminate the impact of latency, and empower global users to collaborate in real time.

Problem: Multiple users can’t work on the same project at the same time causing latency issues.

Solution: Freedom NAS has a global file locking that allows optimizes expertise wherever it exists, rather than having to rely upon the resources of a single office or relocation of employees.

Problem: Legacy NAS makes it hard to manage traditional backups and creates multiple copies of data in multiple locations.

Solution: Freedom NAS eliminates legacy NAS by consolidating unstructured data in the cloud and enables real-time, global collaboration.

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