Remote control: Contech firms pitch ways to progress projects during social distancing

Excerpt by Chris Fercho, originally published on Construction Dive.

Chris Fercho, strategic business consulting manager for Microdesk,​ considers the AEC industry “technology-heavy,” and noted that players have been “putting cloud environments in place from both the design and preconstruction side” for some time. “So for those design teams and preconstruction teams, it comes down to the time it will take to transition to remote work and adapt to that new environment for it to become the ‘new’ normal,'” he said.

“For those in the field who are relied upon to build the projects on site, they do not have the luxury or choice to work remotely to continue with their work,” Fercho continued. “But as we move forward in the industry, we hope this will make us take a step back and look at how our projects are being constructed with the standard practices in place, and maybe force us to look into the future for how we can improve the construction industry as a whole. This includes thinking about how we can build structures faster, more efficiently and more safely for everyone involved.”

He went on to say that projects that are being delayed this week, for instance, could cause backups in the design side of the industry along with projects in the pipeline. “We already face a shortage of skilled workers in the industry and if those skilled workers are unable to work on current projects in major cities affected by this pandemic, this will in turn delay all future projects where their skills are needed,” he said.

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