Scott Brownrigg and Microdesk Partner to Achieve BIM Level 2 Certification

Scott Brownrigg is a global architecture and design leader with a vision to transform the industry and to enrich lives through the built environment. They are ranked within the UK Top 10 and within the Global Top 100 of architectural practices.

They have been engaged in a consulting partnership with Microdesk for many years. Over the years, Microdesk has assisted Scott Brownrigg in their mission to provide their clients better, quicker and more efficient delivery of their projects.

In 2017 after completing a number of successful BIM projects, Scott Brownrigg made a clear business decision to become BIM Level 2 Accredited. Scott Brownrigg collaborated with Microdesk to provide an essential team of support and training that helped develop a comprehensive set of practice-wide standards which are now fully embedded within the organization.

The Microdesk team assisted in Scott Brownrigg’s mission to become BIM Level 2 accredited by reviewing existing standards and processes, redeveloping these standards and creating documentation when needed. They aligned their BIM and procurement methods to match BIM Level 2, trained staff with the use of BIM Level 2 and piloted Level 2 projects within their London studio. The road to becoming Level 2 BIM certified has many challenges and with the help of Microdesk managing the accreditation process and assisting the team during site visits, the London studio was officially granted the BRE Global BIM Level 2 Business Systems Certification in April of this year. The lasting legacy of the process is the close relationship between Microdesk and Scott Brownrigg teams and the development of a comprehensive set of practice-wide standards which are now embedded in the practice standards.

The UK government mandates for all public projects to be BIM Level 2 compliant and according to the NBS National BIM Report, 62% of the Construction Industry is already leveraging BIM workflows. This certification shows Scott Brownrigg’s commitment to this methodology and knowledge of utilizing BIM to deliver an excellent build, saving their customers time and money.

It is expected that within the next year this certification will become an ISO certificate which means Scott Brownrigg and Microdesk will focus on achieving this certification for their NYC, Europe and Singapore studios.

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