Strengthened Sales Leadership to Account for

Exponential Growth in 2018

Robert Zannotti; Evan Forsberg

AECO design technology consultancy’s and Autodesk Platinum Partner Microdesk announced today that they have added Evan Forsberg as Regional Director of Sales in Microdesk’s Western region. Forsberg previously held the position of Regional Sales Director at a Fortune 500 technology firm in San Francisco.

“I was drawn to Microdesk because I enjoy solving real-world problems using cutting-edge technology and collaboration,” says Forsberg. “At Microdesk, we are constantly uncovering opportunities to innovate the processes surrounding the design, build, and operation stages of property development; and that is a very exciting space to be in. No day is exactly the same, which really lends to consistent personal development. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to take this challenge on.”

Microdesk also announced that as part of a continued effort to strategically align the sales team, Robert Zannotti, whose tenure at Microdesk exceeds 11 years, was recently promoted to Executive Vice President of Global Sales. Zannotti strived relentlessly to claim Microdesk as one of the top Autodesk partners the nation and will continue to lead efforts to expand the company’s already-extensive customer base.

“It’s an honor to be able to contribute to this company in the manner that I have over the last decade. We have ambitious goals domestically and abroad this year, our hope is that with our new strategic sales re-alignment we will achieve great success as an organization.”