Tech Leaders’ Top Moment in 2018

Microdesk’s Senior Technical Evangelist, Peter Marchese, weighs in.

As Seen In Built In NYC

As 2018 draws to a close, Built In NYC asked local tech leaders to share what makes this year one worth remembering. Their responses were funny, thought-provoking and a crystal-clear sign that NYC tech is in store for greatness in 2019. Microdesk’s very own Senior Technical Evangelist, Peter Marchese, weighed in on his thoughts.

Peter Marchese, Microdesk’s Senior Technical Evangelist

“My favorite tech moment from 2018 was seeing VR and game-related technologies become more accessible and accepted so anyone could take advantage of them, as opposed to being tools that only specialists could work with. Knowing designers and owners have the ability to truly see a project before it is built, and construction clients can better navigate a site for constructability with the use of VR technology was a great feeling.”

When it comes to the AECO industry, AR and VR are rapidly being introduced into every phase of the building lifecycle. Michael DeLacey commented in an opinion piece for Construction Dive that “Augmented reality and virtual reality are rapidly replacing these traditional modes of mental visualization, providing users with an enhanced digital experience.” It is clear that AR and VR are becoming widely accessible to non-specialised roles. This allows all stakeholders of a project the ability to walk through and “feel” the designed space before construction even breaks ground. This technology has the potential to “revolutionize all aspects of design, build and AM processes” which will, in turn, drive efficiencies and increase project accuracy.

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