The History Behind BIMrx

Let’s take a ride down memory lane and see the BIMrx transformation to what it is today.

BIMrx was designed with Revit and Autodesk Construction Cloud users in mind. BIMrx gets projects out the door faster with modeling, project management and documentation features for leading Autodesk software, making you more competitive globally while meeting the demands of urbanization. This suite of powerful products cuts Revit modeling time by up to 50% and automates tedious cloud project tasks. BIMrx is purpose-built for various AECO (Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Operation) disciplines, automating the low-value processes associated with BIM (Building Information Modeling) project delivery.

BIMrx for Revit which is composed of Core, MEP, and Fabrication v3.2 was recently released as well as BIMrx Cloud Manager v2.9. With these latest releases we can see that as the needs of the AEC industry evolve, so does BIMrx.

BIMrx 1.1

In 2019, BIMrx for Revit v1.1 was launched. With just 4 main commands; Select, Extract, Update and About. It provided a starting point to what was missing in Revit. Our developers were strategizing ideas and concepts to build upon.

BIMrx 2.1

The BIMrx Bulk Loader was quickly transformed in June 2020 to BIMrx Cloud Manager, a name that better represented its functionality and design philosophy to manage multiple BIM360 projects at once.

The following year in 2020, BIMrx for Revit 2.1 was released to include BIMrx MEP and BIMrx Fabrication with highly sought-after features. BIMrx Bulk Loader 1.1 was released March 2020. Bulk Loader was initially built to bulk create projects, create folder structures, and upload Sync files for multiple projects at the same time.

With the addition of BIMrx MEP in BIMrx 2.1 we saw commands and features to streamline modeling of MEP systems such as bloom, Move Connect, and various elbow commands. BIMrx Fabrication also started with various fabrication detailing features such as hangers and spooling. BIMrx Core’s Sheet View Manager also emerged to make creating views and sheets much easier.

These additional 41 total commands to BIMrx for Revit, allows users to push projects out the door faster with increased efficiency.

BIMrx 3.0

Our developers and team are constantly pushing and striving for more. As client reviews and user feedback rolled in, in 2021 BIMrx for Revit v3.0 was released with a fresh look and 95 total commands. Highly requested commands such as the BIMrx Core’s Imprint & Revision manager, and BIMrx Fabrication’s Sleeve commands improved this product even more. BIMrx Cloud Manager also saw many improvements. One of those improvements was the addition of Autodesk User Account Login capability that allowed users to manage the projects, users, folders, and files without requiring Account Admin Access.  BIMrx Cloud Manager also added more filters and selection controls to its automation jobs to make it more efficient to target just the projects, folders, and files you desire. These features allow users to become more competitive as they speed through multiple stages of the BIM lifecycle.

BIMrx Cloud Manager additionally added scheduled export jobs for exporting PDF and NWC files out of cloud initialized BIM360/ACC Revit models.

BIMrx 3.1

Early 2022, BIMrx 3.1 was released adding highly effective enhancements for accelerating BIM project delivery. In BIMrx Core, this included new features such as Match Parameter, Align, and Dimension Grids. Similar to BIMrx Core, BIMrx MEP has enhancements based on client requests including a multi-select feature for Route To and Kick 90, and a custom rotation option for Rotate Fittings. All the while, BIMrx Cloud Manager launched v2.8 that continued to add automation features including exporting DWG files in addition to PDF and NWC.

BIMrx 3.2

We are currently in BIMrx v3.2 and Cloud Manager 2.9, that highlights speed and efficiency for our users. 112 commands for Revit total. The key takeaway is that we listen to our customers’ needs, as we have the same needs for our product to provide solutions for our team and yours. You can learn more about these products and our offerings at Autodesk University on September 27-29 in New Orleans and register for our AU Sessions: See how BIMrx & Naviate streamline AEC firms’ Revit workflows and Simplify CAD/BIM Managerment: Monitor, Deploy & Automate your Software. Excited for what the future holds for BIMrx? So are we.