The Microdesk Career Journey

By Julianne Bentley, Solutions Specialist

Explore the career path of one of Microdesk’s Solutions Specialists, Julianne Bentley, and see why so many love to call Microdesk home for building their career.

Growing up, I was always interested in both math and art classes. I soon discovered interior design and took a few classes throughout high school where I learned the basics of design along with an introduction to architecture and construction. I decided to study architecture at Keene State College, eventually receiving my Bachelor of Science in Architecture with a minor in Management. I also took more CAD classes where I learned the ins and outs of Revit, SketchUp and AutoCAD.

I quickly realized these were the tools I would look forward to using during assignments and projects. Instead of thinking of what might be the wildest design I could think of, I was more interested in figuring out how I would lay out the plans or solve different issues for everything to come together in the end.

Throughout school, I found great joy in participating in leadership and event programs. Organizations like Student Council, Social Activities Council and Habitat for Humanity pushed me out of my comfort zone while providing opportunities for learning about leadership and communication. I think that without those organizations, I would have wanted to stay in the modeling and programming world with less team interaction.

I started my career at Microdesk in their New Hampshire location 5 years ago, modeling families for a (now obsolete) database that Autodesk had created, SEEK. One of the things that interested me about Microdesk was the opportunity to travel. I heard about projects taking place in Boston, New York and California and I was very excited about potential opportunities to move into a new role elsewhere.

After a year and a half of working on the content creation team, there was an opening as a Solutions Specialist at Kohn Pedersen Fox (KPF) in New York City and I jumped on it. Within a week, I was on my way to the city and knew instantly that I wanted to stay. This opportunity allowed me to help the KPF team succeed by providing quick and seamless modeling and detailing before a deadline. This partnership also allowed me to not only assist the team but also engage in unique training opportunities to help with future work.

My time at KPF would become my greatest success during my career with Microdesk. I worked with the firm for just over 4 years on projects across the globe, starting with modeling complex curtain panels on a residential project in the Boston Seaport district. That evolved into me becoming the sole BIM Specialist and modeling consultant, teaching and producing the set of tower projects in Dubai, Jakarta and Tel Aviv. I was also able to lend a hand working on both the One Vanderbilt and Hudson Yards projects in New York. It has been a joy watching them go up over the past few years.

Another big success I’ve had to date has been working on the Schematic Design phase for Terminal 5 of the Changi Airport in Singapore. For over a year and a half, I worked as the BIM Specialist both maintaining and expanding the BIM models while also managing the expansive design team in Revit. With Changi being the largest project in the office, common Revit workflows were often not the best option. Working with the KPF BIM team to find the best solutions taught me a great deal of new Revit capabilities I hadn’t been familiar with in the past.

All in all, this industry is constantly changing and the work that you do can be completely different one week to the next, and I’ve enjoyed the challenges and the opportunities Microdesk has available for me.

The changes keep work interesting and you’re constantly able to develop new skills.

Teamwork is one of the biggest rewards of this career. I have always loved collaborating with others to work towards a final goal. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to work for Microdesk at the start of my career. I have learned so much about the industry and what options may lie ahead. I’m very excited to see what the future holds at Microdesk!

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