The Microdesk Career Journey

By Mallary White, Vice President of Consulting Services – West Coast

Explore the career path of one of Microdesk’s Vice Presidents, Mallary White, and see why so many love to call Microdesk home for building their career.

My career at Microdesk began in 2014, as an Architecture Solution Specialist. I was looking for an atypical architecture role, something challenging the norms of the AECO industry. I wanted a chance to work with a company that I could firmly believe in and get behind; Microdesk was the place for me.

Before my career at Microdesk, I received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Mississippi State University College of Architecture Art & Design. In architecture school I always found the application of technology and problem solving to be the most rewarding part of the design process.  After graduating, I moved to New York City to work for a theater design firm renovating iconic theaters throughout the United States. Through the use of innovative technology and my passion for efficient and sustainable design, I felt empowered with every new process and data exchange method learned.

My next move was to Los Angeles, working for a firm in the assessment and documentation of the build environment, promoting the use of technology in historic preservation. It was there that I developed my obsession with data and how to leverage 3d laser scan point cloud data to provide superior BIM, which is becoming continuously more integral to the BIM workflow.

As I was looking for my next challenge and a place to apply my newly acquired knowledge, I discovered Microdesk. In the 8 years since I began, I have forged my own path from Solution Specialist to Project Manager, to Vice President of Consulting on the West Coast. Over the years I have worked with some of the biggest names in the AECM&E industries ranging from Media, Entertainment, Hospitality, Healthcare, Tech, Residential and Aerospace.  The variety of clients, projects and the various levels of involvement were a huge draw. I doubted that I would ever get bored at a company as dynamic as Microdesk and so far, I haven’t. A collaborative culture and encouragement for good work-life balance is extremely important to the leadership team at Microdesk, so that has been a huge bonus!

If I could give my younger self advice, it would be that Design breeds creativity and you can use that creativity to do anything you want for a career. You can play many different roles; there is no rule you need to follow a prescribed path.

With an Architecture Design background, you can steer a course of technology, construction, graphic design or owning your own business. This career comes with the reward of knowing that you are helping people resolve issues and perhaps improving the way someone is working just to make their workday a little smoother.

Like many at Microdesk my career path was not linear; I cherrypicked what excited me, and I figured out how I wanted to promote that knowledge and those talents to our clients. Microdesk afforded me the opportunity to mold my own unique path empowering me with the support and encouragement; I think that many people who come to Microdesk feel the same way. Each of us bring something unique to the table like a superhero squad, swooping in to help our clients. With such an expansive and experienced team working towards a common goal, there are few hurdles we can’t beat.


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