The Microdesk Career Journey

By Sana Nassar, Project Manager

Explore the career path of one of Microdesk’s Project Managers, Sana Nassar, and see why so many love to call Microdesk home for building their career.

Growing up, I was inspired by the engineers I met and knew I wanted to be one. I received my Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the American University of Beirut and soon after, started my professional career working as a project design engineer in low and medium voltage switchgear and motor control centers. That job helped me shape my knowledge and skill set as a design engineer and opened my eyes to the world of project management. I learned how to analyze requirements and develop custom sustainable designs to optimize value and energy efficiency. I was also trained in lean manufacturing, which truly changed my view of manufacturing and introduced me to the concept of Kaizen (continuous improvement) and waste elimination. During my time there, I was responsible for studying specifications presented by clients, preparing electrical designs, computing costs, preparing shop drawings, following up on manufacturing and production, negotiating with suppliers and contacting contractors and consultants.

I started at Microdesk 7 years ago with a desire to focus more on a career in engineering, based in digital technology. During my first 2 years on the job, I focused on learning how to be a diligent consultant and how to assist our clients in achieving their goals.

Microdesk offered me a place to focus on building my skill set while maintaining strong relationships with our customers and partners.

I enjoyed being a consultant immensely because I love solving puzzles and mysteries. Helping our clients identify their pain-points and developing a plan of action to tackle those problems was one of my favorite parts of being a technology consultant at Microdesk.

After three years, I was promoted to the role of Strategic Implementation Manager where I was the tech lead for several on-site engagements. This role allowed me to flex my project skills on different levels and complexities. Afterwards, I focused more on finding new opportunities and leading project teams as a Senior Consultant.

Today, I am one of the Senior Project Managers at Microdesk and am involved in several key projects in the Mid-Atlantic region. Project management is a very interesting career path in our current agile environment. We have seen rapid growth globally in the past decade specifically with technology as it is constantly changing and evolving.

The best part of working as a project manager in technology is that you’re never bored! You face diverse problems in a constantly evolving industry. You are the team pillar, so you’re responsible to boost the team morale while still planning and scheduling the project, managing resources and controlling budget and cost to ensure quality results are delivered on time. In this role, you get to work in different challenging environments, so you end up carrying a lot of knowledge and experience especially from lessons learned.

There is no doubt that you will face challenges throughout your career. My advice to you, don’t shy away from them. If you know your goals and understand your “whys,” carve-out your way to achieve those outcomes. Communication has been key in my current role; start by being a great listener first, then share your voice with others.

The culture at Microdesk is unique and dynamic. I have shared precious memories with my work family and developed a portfolio of clients that I am very proud to assist. I get to voice my opinion and explain my goals clearly. The senior management believes in each of us, and they take risks to let you grow and lead the way.

Professional growth is available if you’re willing to work hard and be innovative.

I am proud to be a member of the Microdesk team and can’t wait to grow further within the organization!

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