Utilizing BIM and Stingray at AU 2017

This past November at Autodesk University 2017, Microdesk’s Peter Marchese, Senior Technical Evangelist, presented on two different topics: business process and project lessons learned for IPD and Healthcare, “IPD and BIM for Health Care and Existing Science Projects;” and how to bridge the gap between BIM design tools and visualization tools, “Power Up Your Stingray Projects! Create Smooth Revit Workflows and Take Advantage of Your Models’ BIM Properties.”

Many of the conversations regarding BIM focus on ensuring data is not lost when progressing from phase to phase or from file to file. However, there are instances when regression can be difficult or impossible to avoid, and Marchese spoke about out how to avoid or overcome those limitations.

Which leads to the main goal of the second class: to demonstrate how people can take advantage of all the work that they have already put into their projects and models, when they move into the Autodesk visualization tool, Stingray / Max Interactive.

In this case, Marchese and his team resolved how to share BIM data from Revit to a Stingray / Max Interactive project and be able to display and work with that data. This allowed them to create fully rendered experiences in their designs, where they can then visualize or control elements based on the property values. An example of this would be making the ceiling transparent and then colorizing the ductwork based on the systems they comprise.

Once Marchese established the workflow, he broke it down into its component parts and three separate workflows to address different skill sets and levels of complexity. That translated to a packed class and 36-page handout for all the attendees to be able to review and work through the process following the class.

“As always, teaching at Autodesk University is an honor and a privilege,” says Marchese. “I love being able to share my knowledge and experiences to help others avoid the pitfalls that I have found, to do more, better, and offer new and exciting services. I look forward to next year’s events to continue helping others grow both their abilities and their businesses.”

You can find a recording of Marchese’s class, “AS125382: Power Up Your Stingray Projects! Create Smooth Revit Workflows and Take Advantage of Your Models’ BIM Properties,” here.