Collaborate Throughout the Construction Project Lifecycle

Autodesk Construction Cloud’s Assemble Systems provides a SaaS solution to store, update and approve BIM designs, fabrication drawings and point clouds. Assemble enables construction professionals to condition, query and connect the data to key workflows such as bid management, estimating, project management, scheduling, site management and finance. Microdesk’s team of experienced consultants can onboard, configure and help maintain this platform, ensuring your team spends their time on valuable, innovative work.

When executed correctly, Assemble can optimize insight into every phase of the project lifecycle. Training available through Microdesk will help your construction firm maximize uptime and establish transparency between disciplines including holistic Owner oversight. The collaborative platform, customized for your unique needs, helps to bring designs, scope, schedules and labor into a single, comprehensive UI.

Discover how Assemble can improve quantification for your next project.

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How Assemble Enables Power Preconstruction

Before stepping foot on a jobsite, multiple design professionals, project managers and engineers have already been hard at work planning for successful construction. Immediately before entering the build phase, the team must undergo preconstruction to review BIM designs, material and labor costs, personnel requirements and more. Microdesk consultants that are proficient in Assemble System and Autodesk Construction Cloud can provide immediate ROI on your next project through the following:

  • Estimator Efficiency – Extract quantities in a matter of seconds based on the most accurate data.

  • Constructability Analysis – Identify problems earlier to reduce the need for expensive rework during construction.

  • Change Reporting – Instantly access all changes between model iterations.

  • Scope & Budget Tracking – Validate quantities, Subcontractor bids, and model changes in just minutes.

  • Value Engineering – Identify and propose changes that cut costs while maintaining quality and performance.

  • Certainty & Transparency – Keep the Owner in the loop as their vision comes to life.

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