Asset data is important, but the right kind of data is key to providing efficiencies across your operations.


Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is comprehensive strategy for managing and understanding physical assets across locations. Our holistic approach of beginning with the end in mind is designed to maximize the lifecycle value of your assets with better planning, control, and maintenance, while aligning your people, processes, and technologies.  

Organizations’ maintenance solutions mature, and so does the software that you rely on. 

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EAM can span across several platforms and serve several purposes. Defining strategic plans, goals, and company-wide standards are imperative for an effective EAM system. Our experienced EAM consulting team can help you analyze the business needs, identify the objectives, and determine the assets to be tracked and the resources needed. Our goal is to ensure the EAM system increases your competitive edge and bottom line.

Whether you are looking to improve an existing EAM system or deploy new innovative methodologies and applications, Microdesk’s consulting team can help. We tailor our next generation AI-powered solutions to help clients optimize lifecycle asset management costs, enhance data interoperability and transparency, maximize data analytics, reporting and forecasting, as well as extend asset life span. We forge our service based on the combination of leading-edge technologies and successful best practices. Microdesk’s EAM team have vastly experienced professionals and SMEs from diverse knowledge backgrounds to deploy and support EAM solutions for both large and small organizations.

IBM Maximo® is a market-leading, fully integrated platform that uses advanced analytic tools and Internet of Things (IoT) data to improve operational availability and reduce risk. Maximo’s integrated approach helps organizations overcome challenges rooted in their infrastructures of siloed or disconnected systems. Microdesk is an expert at developing a strong Asset Management strategy, organizing Data Dictionaries, and utilizing proprietary machine learning engines to organize Asset Information to configure and implement Maximo environments.

  • Single, integrated system for complete work, asset, inventory, scheduling, reporting and safety management capabilities across asset lifecycles.
  • Unique service management features for service level and incident/problem management.
  • Easy to use and configure workflows with integrated automated escalation.
  • Breakdown silos and align operations with objectives.
  • Real-time insight into all physical assets.

There are many phases in the life of a project, from concept to operations to maintenance, and each phase has its own set of data requirements. BLM allows leveraging a single set of interoperable data for the facility and its assets, throughout the facility’s lifecycle. A well implemented BLM will. streamline the data flow throughout delivery and operational phases, enhance the integrated project delivery, lower project lifecycle cost*, and enable the true cradle-to-cradle BIM lifecycle implementation.

Data-rich digital prototypes of physical assets enable analysis and reporting of real-world asset data to prevent problems before they occur, as well as saving substantial costs during retrofits or renovations. Digital Twins provide seamless access to information pertaining to the asset represented. The ability to design, produce and repair buildings with the intelligence of data-driven models leads to greater efficiency and innovations.

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Microdesk is the first to integrate AI with asset management and 3D models. Microdesk is now proudly introducing the power of Artificial Intelligence as the smart assistant for asset/facility management. The portfolio or AI service in Microdesk embraces machine learning / deep learning powered data analysis and prediction, visual recognition and classification, natural language programming, and more other services that deep collaborated with IBM’s Watson Platform. Furthermore, Microdesk is the first to integrate AI into lifecycle BIM implementation via bridging the gap between BIM model and IBM Maximo database. Like talking to a friend, facility mangers or operators can ask Maximo practical questions in a natural way of expression and get reliable information from both BIM model and Maximo records.



ModelStream™ brings BIM and Asset Management together by synchronizing data between IBM Maximo and Autodesk Revit.

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ARID is an intelligent, machine powered application, that captures equipment assets and their related attributes in a single centralized database. 

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Digital Twins

Our team of experienced consultants employs a range of AM and FM software platforms to provide your firm with a high-quality model that can save you time, money and resources in future maintenance.

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Watson Solutions

Infuse AI into your applications with Watson AI to make more accurate predictions. 

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Smart Exit Signs

By partnering with Willard IoT and IBM we are able to provide your organization with a secure IoT platform to take your facility to the next level.

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  • Endtoend asset lifecycle tracking  

  • Real-time informed decisions 

  • Increased asset performance and lifespan  

  • Optimized cost of maintenance  

  • Mitigate compliance issues and risk

  • Support joint commissions  

  • Reduce inventory costs and control spending 

  • Improved health, safety, and security

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