BIM 360 Design Collaboration Software

BIM 360 Design was created with Architects in mind. This Revit cloud worksharing and design collaboration software allows users to design, collaborate, and markup in a single software environment; assign and manage version-aware issues for easy design review; and visualize how new design information will impact ongoing work.

“Using Autodesk BIM 360 Design to collaborate with teams, anywhere, we are seeing productivity increases of up to 25% on cloud-based BIM projects.”

Anthony Woodsford, Corstorphine + Wright

BIM 360 Design Features

  • Design Collaboration

    Securely co-author BIM designs in real-time and streamline deliverable coordination

  • Coordination

    Leverage BIM coordination and collaboration to accelerate reviews and identify and resolve clashes earlier

  • RFIs and Submittals

    Streamline management of RFIs and submittals that meet contractual obligations

  • Reporting and Analytics

    Gain a deeper understanding of project performance, prioritized daily activities, and root causes.

  • Quality Management

    Standardize on a proactive QA/QC process with construction quality management software

  • Safety Management

    Work towards proactively preventing incidents by capturing both positive and negative safety observations

  • Constructability

    Use constructability review software to support design reviews, version comparison, and issue resolution

  • Document Management

    Streamline construction document management by using a single, cloud-based platform for organizing, distributing, and sharing files

Benefits of working with BIM 360 Design

Improve productivity and deliver your best designs

Teams within one firm or across multiple firms can securely co-author a Revit model in real-time. With seamless collaboration, teams can focus on the design rather than worrying about versions or updates.

Keep teams informed and aligned

With tighter project timelines and more collaboration across project teams, you may find you spend more time coordinating and less time designing. Maximize your time, keep project teams on the same page, and deliver your best designs with real=-time cloud worksharing and design collaboration in a central location.

Visualize design changes to reduce rework and downstream construction delays

No more hunting for revision clouds or exporting to 3rd party tools. Visualize revisions in a shared model to identify how new design information could impact ongoing work

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