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BIM Designed for Owners

BIM processes and documentation that puts you in the driver’s seat.

Incorporating formal BIM requirements in both the RFP and contract language provides greater insight and control through all phases of a project. Microdesk’s proven methodology has been leveraged by Owners across the globe to produce better outcomes and increased Return on Investment.

This unique service focuses exclusively on how owners can increase the value of Building Information Modeling for all project participants while maximizing owner side benefits.

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Immediate Benefits include: 

  • Insight and control into cost, schedule, and constructability.

  • Ability to make impactful design decisions.

  • Immediate access to all project info throughout the project lifecycle.

  • Deliverables that meet requirements and expectations.

  • Confidence in the accuracy of exchanged models and data.

  • Decrease in overall project risk.

  • Higher performing buildings.

  • Optimize operation phase activities.

Gain Control, Reduce Risk, Increase Efficiency

Microdesk’s iBIM service defines an organized, owner-led BIM approach that benefits all project participants. This unique service includes:

Define the graphic and non-graphical data, information and documentation for all BIM deliverables to support the goals of the organization.

3 hour session to review the BIM Protocol, RFP and contract language, Asset Information Model and technology recommendations. (Virtual or in-person based on the environment).

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